Kadode Fermented Fresh Red Kampot Pepper

3*** GREAT TASTE AWARDS WINNER 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 – The highest accolade. Unlike any peppercorn you’ve tasted before ! The rarest of all the Kadode products, they only have a very small finite supply per harvest. They’ve mastered a natural process to ferment their Red Kampot peppercorns to produce this amazing new product. Capturing the true essence of fresh red peppercorns from the vine. Perfect for snacking, seasoning and sauces and much more. Soft outer, with an inner crunch, and a spicy heat – bathed in our Kampot fleur de sel (flower of sea salt) to act as an additional preservative and flavouring. Or simply wash the salt off gently before using in cooking.


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