Refunds & Returns Policy

Product Appearance and Description

We make every effort to display the appearance of our products as accurately as possible. This includes, but is not limited to, dimensions, descriptions, packaging and specifications. We may sometimes alter the product specifications of items displayed on our website without prior notice. The packaging of our products may also vary but this will not impact the contents.

Hampers and Other Food Deliveries

Hampers and other food and drink items packaged in containers such as wicker baskets or cardboard boxes. These hampers of boxes may contain spoilable items with a short “use by” date, your statutory right to return purchases within 7-day does not apply.

Where there is no short “use by” date your 7-day refund period begins from the date of delivery. 

The hampers and gift boxes displayed on our website contain only the items listed and not the props used in the photographs.

If you have selected more products than will fit into a wicker hamper, the products will be securely packaged but may not be inside of the hamper.

Substitute items

If for any reason an item within a hamper that you have ordered, whether a standardised or bespoke hamper, is not available, Pavilion reserves the right to substitute an item with another item of equal or greater value than the original. Pavilion may also decide to refund for the product. When a substitution is made, we will endeavour to ensure the substitute product is of similar characteristics to the original order. We will also attempt to contact you should a substitution need to be made, where this is not possible, an explanation will be sent with the delivery.

Cancelling your order

Should you wish to cancel your order, please contact us by e-mail using or by telephone on 01491 571814. Provided your cancellation request is received before your items have been dispatched, we will cancel your order and provide a refund.

Should your items have already been dispatched, it will not always be possible to stop them from being delivered. In these circumstances, you must take every reasonable step to ensure the goods do not become damaged or spoiled until such a time as we can arrange collection. If you fail to do this it may result in a refund only being partially or wholly refused.


All of our products are freshly prepared and inspected by trained staff prior to delivery..

If you are unhappy with the condition of any of your goods please let us know immediately by telephone on 01491 571814 or by e-mailing

We ask you to provide photographic evidence if you have an issue with the quality of our goods. If you have not let us know that you have an issue withing 5 days of receiving your order or are not able to provide a photo showing the issue then we will not be able to accept your claim. 

Cookery School Bookings

14 days prior to the Cookery Class that you have booked you will be able to move the booking to an alternative date within 6 months of the original booking date.

7 – 13 days prior to the Booking Date you can transfer your booking to a different date with a fee of 25% of the original booking cost.

Less than 7 days prior to the Booking Date you can transfer your booking to a different date with a fee of 50% of the original booking cost.

Less than 2 days prior to the Booking Date you are not eligible to transfer your booking

Cancellations or alterations should be communicated to the Pavilion Foods team directly on 01491 571814 or the Pavilion team will do our best to accommodate your requirements subject to the cancellation charges above.